Trust Services

We are Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with eIDAS regulation and we always provide top quality services based on widely adopted standards.

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Create and validate qualified electronic signature in your browser on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

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ZEP.DISIG.SK has been nominated for the IT PROJECT of 2017 award

The portal ZEP.DISIG.SK has undergone a lot of changes since its launch as we have reacted to changing conditions in the market, expectations, customers’ needs or important legal changes. Among...

Remote electronic signature creation

As it is customary, the Slovak Association for Information Security (SASIB) has organised an annual conference The Information Security in 2017; this event was attended by our company. We contributed...

ZEP.DISIG.SK in 2016

In December 2013, we launched the portal, intended for wider public. The web aims to provide the citizens, entrepreneurs and bodies of the public administrative with a simple tool...